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Wishing to all my students a wonderful Summer, try to practice your French watching French movies or listening to French music, playing with Duolingo App or just going to a French restaurant or cultural events in your area...

School supplies for French I to V- 2018-2019
Les fournitures scolaires pour le cours de français du niveau I à V - 2018-2019

                      1.    A specific color composition or spiral bound **notebook for notes and journal entries. This notebook should be the following color depending on your level of French:                                                        *RED for French I, GREEN for French II, BLUE for French III, PURPLE for French IV and YELLOW for French V.
                      2.    A Green color pen or pencil for making corrections to written assignments.
                      3.    Pencils and pens: please stick to blue or black ink in all written work, no rouge merci! and some color markers or  highlighters for underlining.
                      4.    Some kind of organization system such as a three ring binder, accordion folder,etc... so that student may keep up with handouts and other class 
                      5.   Loose-leaf Paper .
                      6.   Flashcards to help you study vocabulary and some Grammar points.
                      7.  A large book cover to protect your expensive textbook.
                      8.   Student is expected to have access to a computer and the Internet off campus. Please inform instructor ASAP if this is not the case.
                      9.   For French III-  IV& V a French/English dictionary - .
                                                            If you like to contribute a box of tissues for the class, we will all appreciate it.
                        *** And above all chers students: come to class with a willingness to discover, explore, practice and embrace another language and culture. Wishing you un Bon voyage!

Important dates for our class and the World Languages Departement 2018-2019
1 Mardi le 12 décembre - La Fête de Noël - W.L.Holiday POT Luck - Teachers bring the main dishes and students participate too.
  • ** On December 12th aussi the French Club !
  • 2. Le Grand Concours: this is your chance to participate in a National French Contest ,where you only get recognized , not penalized! End of February 2017.
  • 3. Le Congrès Français:  Samedi le 3 mars 2018 at - M. HS, we welcome you to compete with French students of Virginia to shine your French and enjoy the taste of the French culture.
  • 4. LA semaine des langues mondiales- Mars 12 -16, a week full of Foreign languages activities at school, including a Potluck to which parents are invited on Tuesday March 21st.
  • 5. University of Mary Wash WL Day - Saturday March 25ht 8-1:30
  • 6. The French Movies Festival at the Byrd, last week-end of March
  • 7. World Language Honor Society Inductions Ceremony  Wednesday april 25th 4 to 8 PM>
  • 8. The RVA French Food Festival -

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